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Travel Safety Tips
Traveling is always an enjoyable venture. But aside from having fun, you should think about your safety all the time. Travelers can lure robbers and petty thieves. Tourists are very vulnerable, especially if they are traveling alone. Going in an unfamiliar place may prove to be quiet frightening, but with enough preparation and some safety tips, you trip can be safe and fun. To make sure you are safeguarded and secured on your next travel, check out these quick tips:

Acquaint yourself with the place
Get enough information of the place that you would travel to. Buy a travel guidebook so that you can have access to the addresses and contact numbers of important places like hotels, rent-a-car companies, restaurants, tourist spots and its local foreign affairs depar
tment. This way, you would not have a hard time traveling on your own when you get to the place you are about to travel to.
Keep an eye on your luggage
It is not safe to leave your bags and luggage unattended, even if you think you are in a secured place. It is also not a good idea to put your contact information on your luggage tag (although it serves its purpose in case you lose your bag). it would be better if you write on it your company address instead. Using a cover tag is also recommended. Keep an eye on your luggage all the time, especially if it is being inspected. If you would put your bag on the floor, keep one foot or one hand on your bag.
Stay clear of theft
Most thieves and robbers prey on tourists and travelers. When going in a public place, dress comfortably and do not wear anything that can attract robbers like jewelries and pricey gadgets. You can leave your expensive rings, necklaces and other accessories in your hotelís safety box.
Do not bring all your

Credit cards can come in handy during travels. This way, you do not have to bring all your cash in your wallet. You can bring one or two of your best credit cards. Bring along the credit card that can give your big discounts in international restaurants and shops.
On rent-a-cars and taxicabs
If you are driving on your own, make sure that you rent a car from a reputable and trusted car-for-hire company. Always keep the documents of the car with you all the time. Take note of the contact numbers of the company you rented out the car from. Park only in well-lit parking spaces. Stay away from isolated parking lots.
If you would take a cab, sit behind the car and not on the passengerís seat. Do not hail unmarked taxicabs. You can pay the driver upon arriving to your destination.
Health check
If you are in medication, always bring your prescription and enough medication that can last for the entire trip. Bring a complete first aid kit with alcohol, repellants, ban
dages and medicines for diarrhea, cough, colds and other common health problems.
Always keep an open eye with the people you talk with and the places you go to. Keep in mind that to have fun is to stay safe!
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